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The mission of the Township Assessor's Office is to fairly and equitably assess all real property in the jurisdiction according to State statute. By State law, the Assessor only sets the valuation of your property based on a three-year weighted average of sales; he or she does not determine your tax bill. Your tax bill amount depends upon your tax rate, which in turn derives from the tax levies set by the taxing bodies (schools, park districts, municipalities, et al.) that service your area.

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Assessor's Office
9075 Corneils Road(P.O. Box 75)
Bristol, IL 60512
Phone: 630-553-3940
Fax: 630-553-5067

Office Hours
8:00am - 3:30pm

Township Supervisor
9075 Corneils Road
Bristol, IL 60512
Phone: 630-553-0101

Highway Department
9075 Corneils Road
Bristol, IL 60512
Phone: 630-553-0101

Visit our FAQ page to find answers to many questions you may have!

Click HERE for a diagram of the Property Tax in Kendall County

New Tax rates will be published mid-May 2019 with tax bills due early June

You still have time to correct your 2018 assessment if there is a factual error on your property record card!

Click on "property search" to review your property record card and call us right away if you see a problem

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